In summer 2018, the China Impact Project (CHIP) was launched by Professor Yu Xie, professor of sociology and Director of the Paul and Marcia Wythes Center on Contemporary China (CCC). The project's objective is to understand how the public in other countries view China. Specifically, the research has three main goals: to capture trends in people’s opinions on China over time; investigate the determinants of people’s opinions (why they hold these opinions); and explore opinion patterns by countries’ economic development, political regime, religion, economic relationship with China, and so on. The ultimate goal of the project is to examine how US news outlets' coverage of China has influenced (and perhaps constituted a weathervane of) American public sentiment over time. After analysis, the researchers intend to publish relevant data and make the findings public.

Check the China Impact Project website for data and visualization.

The Center has initiated an internship program for the China Impact Project that invites student interns from Princeton University and Tsinghua University who are interested in media studies and computer science.

Research Team:
Gavin Cook
Junming Huang
Yongai Jin
Donghui Wang
Han Zhang

Student Interns:
Chesley Chan (Princeton University)
Josh Gardner (Princeton University)
Xudong Guo (Tsinghua University)
Lemeng Liang (Tsinghua University)
Isaac Velasquez (Princeton University)
Emily Yin (Princeton University)