Journal of Contemporary China Special Issue, 2nd workshop

Fri, Feb 7, 2020, 8:30 am
Restricted to Students, Faculty, Postdocs only

Full paper title and author list for the Special Issue on JCC

1. Global Attitudes toward China: Trends and Determinants

        Yu Xie and Yongai Jin

2. In the Eyes of the Beholder: How China and U.S. See Each Other

       Yan Ming, Donghui Wang, Shawn Dorius and Yu Xie

3. The Changing Attitudes towards China in Taiwan and Hong Kong in the Xi Jinping Era

      Chih-Jou Jay Chen and Victor Zheng

4. Sino-phobia in Russia and Three Other former Soviet countries:  Trends and Correlates

  Theodore P. Gerber and Qian He

5. American’s Attitudes toward China-US Trade War

       Yongai Jin, Shawn Dorius and Yu Xie

6. Role of Mass Media in Shaping Attitudes towards China

      Junming Huang, Yu Xie and Gavin Cook

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