Global Seminar 2016

In the summer of 2016, 15 students took the PIIRS Global Seminar on Contemporary Chinese society, which was taught by Professor Yu Xie, the '66 Bert G. Kerstetter ’66 University Professor of Sociology and PIIRS.  On site in Beijing, China, the students learned various aspects of contemporary China, including its educational system, economic and politica developments, major societal changes in population, wealth, and marriage and family.  

Through in-class lectures and presentations and interesting field excursions to sites within Beijing and western and southern China, the seminar provided students with a substantive introduction to sociological perspectives of China.

Classes were held at Peking University and included weekly excursions to local destinations as well as western and Southern China.

The course fulfills the Social Analysis (SA) requirement and the departmental requirements for Sociology (SOC) and East Asian Studies (EAS). It may be used to fulfill the requirements for the East Asian Studies Program Certificate or the East Asian Studies Department Language and Culture Certificate. Language instruction will be offered at the beginner (no prior training) and advanced (conversational) levels.

See the biography of the 2016 Global Seminar student cohort here.