Center Staff Author Article on “The Widespread Fear Among Scientists of Chinese Descent in the United States”

July 18, 2023

Key Findings

  • Feeling the pressure of potential federal investigations since the 2018 launch of the China Initiative, scientists of Chinese descent in the United States now face higher incentives to leave the United States and lower incentives to apply for federal grants.
  • Through analysis of data pertaining to institutional affiliations of more than 200 million scientific papers, the researchers found a steady increase in the return migration of scientists of Chinese descent from the US to China.
  • The researchers also conducted a survey of scientists of Chinese descent employed by US universities in tenured or tenure-track positions (n = 1,304), with results revealing general feelings of fear and anxiety that lead them to consider leaving the United States and/or stop applying for federal grants (see above right graph).
  • Though the US has enjoyed a global leadership position in science and technology, the researchers’ claim that, if the current situation is not corrected, American science will likely suffer the loss of scientific talent to China and other countries.

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This article has also been featured in various news reports: Wall Street Journal, South China Morning Post, Asian American Scholar Forum, Inside Higher Ed, The Asahi Shimbun (朝日新聞), Physics World,, Counter Punch, Swarma (集智俱乐部)