Global Seminar 2018 Cohort Selected

Monday, Mar 19, 2018

The seminar offers an introduction to some of the most prominent features of Chinese society, including work organizations, the education system, the urban/rural divide, migration, social inequality, marriage and family, ethnicity and religion. Through in-class lectures and presentations and interesting field excursions to sites within Beijing and western and southern China, the seminar will provide you with a substantive introduction to sociological perspectives of China that will allow you to understand social changes in China and their long-term impact on not only the 1.3 billion Chinese now living in China  - the largest population in the world today - but also people living elsewhere in developed as well as developing countries. 

Classes will be held at Yuanpei College, Peking University’s preeminent residential college, and there will be numerous excursions throughout the country to examine China’s growing wealth and social disparities and the impact of fast-paced economic growth on society as well as the regional differences in culture and traditions of China.

We are pleased to announce the Global Seminar 2018 Cohort selected students:


Gabriel Birman, '20

Chesley Chan,     '21

Roger Chen,        '21

Marisa De Silva, '20

Ilene E,                '21

Jacob Gerrish,    '21

Carter Gipson,   '21

Dana Harris,       '21

Ingrid Koester,   '21

Sean-Wyn Ng,    '21

Austin Wang,     '20

Angela Weng,    '21

Andrew Wu,      '20

Emily Yin,           '21

Kyle Zelenitz,    '21