Wilson Center Report by CCC Associate Research Scholar Jesse Rodenbiker Has Been Published

Nov. 21, 2023

CCC Associate Research Scholar Jesse Rodenbiker's recent report in the 2022-2023 Wilson China Fellowship publication, titled "Ecological Civilization Goes Global: China’s Green Soft Power and South-South Environmental Initiatives," delves into the effects of China's green soft power on the world stage. The report emphasizes the following key points:

  • China is ushering in a new era of environmental leadership. Financial resources and human capital should be mobilized by policymakers to identify common goals and interests that advance international cooperation and environmental stewardship. Conserving biodiversity and mitigating climate change are essential to global security and peaceful international relations in the 21st century.
  • Policymakers should diversify organizations involved in Global South conservation, offering resources and programs that emphasize flexibility and attention to locally-specific factors. Effective socio-environmental outcomes require moving beyond one-size-fits-all models, with a focus on enhancing international environmental exchange and knowledge sharing.
  • International environmental collaborations should be enhanced and new collaborations forged in effort to define and achieve shared global environmental goals. US institutions and civil society groups, such as NGOs, as well as universities, should seek collaborations with Chinese organizations and other international organizations through a variety of cooperative programs

as well as other key takeaways, of which you can read about here: REPORT