Princeton School of Public and International Affairs, 2022

From Bronx, NY

“I would like to participate in the Contemporary Chinese Society Seminar because it presents an opportunity to gain a deep understanding of one of the world’s most important countries, to experience its culture, and to reconnect with the country in which I was born. China’s historic economic growth over the past four decades has helped it become a world power, rivalling the United States. Still, many Americans have little understanding of Chinese society, particularly because it differs dramatically from that of the West. It would be fascinating to study how China has become so powerful with its distinctive political, economic, and social structures and examine how geographic location, ethnicity, and social class influence Chinese citizens’ experiences. As a prospective Woodrow Wilson School concentrator, I would be especially interested in analyzing the policy implications of China’s large population, such as the now abolished one-child policy, and the evolution of China’s economic model. The seminar also provides rare cultural opportunities, including trips to Shanghai, Datong, and Inner Mongolia, which will reinforce my understanding of different segments of Chinese society. Finally, because I was born in Hong Kong but left when I was only two years old, I harbor a natural interest in the country and a desire to experience some of what my family did there.”