Sociology, 2022

From Sacramento, CA

“My motivation for participating in this Global Seminar is really a combination of my personal experiences as a volunteer in a “developing” country [as a Bridge Year India participant] and as a student interested in sociology. I am also considering studying for a certificate in Journalism. I think it would be fascinating to be able to hear the perspectives of not only the college students but also that of the people we meet during the last two weeks of travel. Many of the things that led me to India also call me to participate in the Global Seminar in China. Both are incredibly diverse countries with rapidly evolving societies, yet at the same time they inhabit spaces rich with tradition and history. One of the biggest challenges I anticipate facing is the language barrier. I have no previous experience with Chinese, so I know that it will be difficult to communicate with others. However, I also think being able to interact with Chinese college students will help me practice communication skills while also allowing me to build connections with people who live in the city and make my experience even more meaningful.”