James Brown-Kinsella '19, of the small town of Greenwich in rural Upstate NY, is a Philosophy major, and he is pursuing certificates in Humanistic Studies, French Language and Culture, and possibly East Asian Studies. After becoming acquainted with the roots of Chinese culture through the East Asian HUM sequence, James dove into contemporary China and loved it. He has continued his study of China by starting Chinese at Princeton and he hopes one day to be able to read Confucius in his original language. James serves as a Humanities Symposiarch and Mentor, where he organizes events for students in the freshman year HUM sequence to get together with upperclassmen Mentors and talk about the books they read, the ideas of the students' upcoming papers, the Humanistic Studies Department, and the life of a humanities major at Princeton. James is also extensively involved in music. He sings in four choirs at Princeton: Glee Club, Chamber Choir, Chapel Choir, and Contrapunctus, and he serves as co-Publicity Chair of Chapel Choir and a director of Contrapunctus. James has lead two CA trips as well.