AB History, 2021

From Cheney, WA

“I want to study abroad in Beijing because contemporary China is very relevant in the world today and I admit that I do not know a lot about China. I would love to change this, and what better way to do it than experiencing China firsthand and diving headfirst into contemporary society in Beijing. The personal motivation for applying to this seminar is that after traveling last summer, I got the itch to travel even more, and my goal is to go to places that I may not necessarily go for vacation in the future. What catches my eye is going to unique places that I may never get the chance to go back to and experiencing as much as I can while there. In addition to this, going to China for six weeks would be a very radical change for me; I have no doubt that I would learn a ton about China and I think exploring a new culture that I am very unfamiliar with would help me grow as a person as I discover new things and new ways of life. This Global Seminar would not be without its challenges for me; for starters, I do not speak or read Mandarin, which will be a challenge in everyday life when using public transportation or shopping for groceries. Another challenge I foresee is that this class would push me to learn and be open-minded because I do not know a lot about Chinese society. That being said, I want to be challenged by this course. I think I would learn and grow, and through this and I would be a positive force in the class.”