Research Intern

Zehao Wu (吳澤昊) is an undergraduate student in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department and is currently pursuing the East Asian Studies and Global Health and Health Policy minors. Prior to joining the Center on Contemporary China, he conducted research on the relationship between climate change with human emigration and climate justice. 

At the Center, he is currently working as a research assistant with Professor James Raymo on the translation and literature review of China’s early to contemporary COVID-19 response policies. These translation and literature review efforts contribute to a larger effort to create an accessible yet detailed summary of China’s COVID-19 response and the variations and consistencies throughout the different regions in China.

Zehao also has an interest in immunology, disease ecology, climate change, environmental conservation, East Asian History, and East Asian Literature. Most of the time, you can find Zehao studying or reading tucked away in the Stacks of the East Asian Library. In his free time, Zehao enjoys going to the gym, practicing his rusty calligraphy skills, and endlessly browsing Wikipedia articles on East Asian history.


Selected Publications

Wu, Z., & Schulte, D. (2021). Predictions of the Climate Change-Driven Exodus of the Town of Tangier, the Last Offshore Island Fishing Community in Virginia's Chesapeake Bay. Frontiers in Climate, 3. [doi]