Please note that these FAQs are pertinent to both the Center PDRA and PPPP PDRA program.  "Partner Institution" means Peking University.

How many reference letters do I need? Just 2.

How do I submit a reference letter? For PRINCETON, please submit only 2 reference contact information via the online system.  The recommender writes it and will send it to us directly. They must remain confidential.  

What is the process to submit reference information?  You’ll be asked to provide the referee’s email address. Once you complete and submit the application, the system will automatically email him/her.  S/he will be provided a link to an online form and the letter can be typed in or have a pdf uploaded.

My referees have not received the email yet. First, you must submit the application before the email will be sent. It may take up to 3 days after submission for the email to be sent. Please be patient. 

If applying to PPPP: How do I submit a reference letter to the partner university?  Princeton will share reference letters with the partner university directly.  Do not send them reference letters or have your referee send them letters. 

If applying to PPPP: What do you mean by two explicit endorsement letters by the potential supervisors, one at each university?

You should contact one professor in partner university and one professor in Princeton University to ask for their endorsement of your application and to agree to be your research project supervisor. The supervisor must be able to provide substantive direction and feedback to your research and act as a mentor.  It cannot be a pro forma endorsement from a professor unrelated to your research project.  The supervisor does not necessarily have to be an expert on contemporary China, but should be able to direct substantive portions of your research.  Example: your research project concerns development banking in China through a comparative lens.  The supervisor can be an expert on development banking and has studied such banking in Korea and Japan.  This would be an acceptable endorsement as long as the supervisor will be directly involved in your research project.

If applying to PPPP: Does the endorsement letter have to come from from a CCC Faculty Associate?  No.

If applying to PPPP: Do they actually have to write an endorsement letter?  What constitutes an endorsement letter?  No, they can simply endorse your application by email to you, cc [email protected], that they endorse your application.  A PDF of the email in which he or she agrees to endorse you is sufficient, which you must attach to your research proposal. The proposal must be attached in the AHIRE system as a PDF. The letters do not count toward your 10-page limit. However, your research proposal must be 10 or less pages.  The PDF itself may exceed 10 pages with the letters. 

If applying to PPPP: How should the endorsement letter be submitted? Please PDF the email endorsement and attach it as part of your application  

If applying to PPPP: Can you assist me with finding such a supervisor?  Unfortunately,  no.  You would know best who would be a good fit with your research.  This potential supervisor may be someone whom you have cited previously, read his/her work, and/or followed his/her career as a matter of course in conducting your own research.  While the supervisor may be a person you do not know personally, you would know of this person professionally.  This person may also be someone you know personally as well; this all depends on your own circumstance.

What should I submit as a writing sample?  We are looking for early-career, high-potential candidates.  Writing samples that exhibit qualities of such candidates are highly recommended.

I am a doctoral candidate currently, but will receive my degree by Sept. 1.  Can I still apply?  Yes.

I am a doctoral candidate, but will not receive my degree by Sept. 1.  Should I apply?  No.  Please note that we will be unable to review your application, but welcome you to apply the following year.  This is also true even if you will receive your degree Sept 2.

I am having technical difficulties with AHIRE.  Who can help me?  Please contact the Dean of Faculty: [email protected] or call (609) 258-8989 for assistance.

I don't have a work visa in the United States / China.  What do I do? Princeton and the partner university will arrange for appropriate work visas in the United States or China.