PRCC conference (spring 2019 Meeting)


The 13th Conference on Sociological and Demographic Research Methods


Shenzhen University, March 16-17, 2019

3688 Nanhai Avenue, Shenzhen, China


Saturday, March 16, Venue, Shenzhen University Library North


8:40am    Registration


8:50-9:10am Opening Ceremony


9:10-10:20am Keynote Speech

Chair: Dahai Hao (Renmin University of China), Discussant: Yucheng Liang (Sun YAT-SEN University)

1. Yu Xie (Princeton University & Peking University): Trends in Social Closure in Post-Revolution China

2. Xianggang Wu (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology): From Anthropology to Demography: Quantitative Social Science and Community Studies


10:20-10:40am Tea Break


10:40-12:00am Social Stratification and Mobility Chair: Yu Li (Fudan University), Discussant: Jun Li (Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences), Bin Zhu (Renmin University of China)

1. Xue Li (Fudan University): Global Economy, Market Transition and Household Income: Rethinking of the Market Transition Theory.

2. Guangqiang Qin (Minzu University of China): Does Effort Pay Off? Impacts of Self Effort on Educational and Occupational Achievement

3. Yang Zhou (Peking University): The Trajectory of Job Changes in Contemporary China: Evidence from CFPS4. Shuanglong Li (Guangzhou University): Aggregate Subjective Social Status and its Determinants: A Spatial Panel Analysis of Chinese Provinces


12:00 Lunch


14:00-15:40pm Organization and Governance

Chair: Yucheng Liang (Sun YAT-SEN University, Discussant :Xue Li (Fudan University), Guangqiang Qin (Minzu University of China)

1. Bin Zhu (Renmin University of China): Wearing a Hat or Inserting a Nail? Social Connection between Government and Business

2. Ming Sun (Tongji University): The Political Empowerment of Business Elites: the Role of Corporative Connections between Government and Business

3. Fuping Chen (Xiamen University): Who Benefit More from “Internet+” Community Service? An Analysis from the Perspective of Household Demand

4. Yi Zhou (Peking University): Competitive Exclusion or Institutional Isomorphism: Evidence from Firms’ Auditor Choices after the Collapse of Anderson

5. Bingdao Zheng (Fudan University): Understanding the Sentencing Disparities in Corruption Cases: Evidence from Xi’s Anti-Corruption Campaign


15:40-16:10pm Group Photo and Tea Break


16:10-17:40pm Life Satisfaction and Subjective Wellbeing 

Chair and Discussant: Jun Li (Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences), Hua Ye (Sun YAT-SEN University), Hao Dong (Peking Univ.)

1. Yuying Tong (Chinese University of Hong Kong): Is Children’s Academic Performance Valuable to Parent’s Well-being? The Difference between Fathers and Mothers

2. Jia Miao (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology): Economic Insecurity and Well-being of Older Adults: Evidence from Hong Kong

3. Suqin Tang (Shenzhen University): Can Grief be a Mental Disorder? A Representative Telephone Survey on Public Opinion in Hong Kong

4. Peng Wang (Shandong University): Employment Status, Gender Division of Labor, and Subjective Wellbeing


6:00pm    Dinner


Sunday, March 17, L3 Buliding, South Campus, Shenzhen University


Venue:Room 1336


9:00-10:20am Trust and Charity

Chair and Discussant: Tianji Cai (University of Macau), Bingdao Zheng (Fudan University)

1. An’ning Hu (Fudan University): Specific Trust Matters: The Association between the Trustworthiness of Specific Partners and Subjective Wellbeing

2. Shangxin Chi (Shenzhen University): Patients’ Satisfaction and Trust in Healthcare Services

3. Chen Chen (South China Agricultural University): The Divergent Process of Economic Development on Chinese Political Trust at Central and Local Levels

4. Cheng Cheng (Xi'an Jiaotong University): The Inequality in Medical Crowdfunding: an Quantitative Study from the SES and Social Network Perspective


10:20-10:40am Tea Break


10:40-12:00am   Migrantion and Health

Chair and Discussant: Qiang Ren (Peking University), Yuying Tong (CUHK), Zhuoni Zhang (City University of Hong Kong)

1. Xiaoguang Fan (Zhejiang University): The Social Status and Income of International Immigrants at Hangzhou

2. Feng Ren (Xiamen University): The Dual Relationship between Citizenship Expectation and Labor Market Outcomes of Migrant Workers

3. Haixiang Liang (SASS): The Occupational Difference of Urban Labors’ Health: the Role of Commuting.


Room 1337


9:00-10:20am Educationand Return

Chair and Discussant: Yuying Tong (CUHK), Ming Sun (Tongji Univ.), Peng Wang (Shandong Univ.)

1. Mengke Zhao (Fudan Univ.): Is Romantic Relationship in Adolescence Really Bad?

2. Xiuqi Yang & Yueyun Zhang (Shandong Univ.): The Intergenerational Transmission of Educational Expectations in Rural China

3. Duoduo Xu (HKUST): Separate and Unequal:  Hukou, School Segregation, and Educational Inequality in Urban China

4. Hua Ye (Zhongshan Univ.) & Zhuoni Zhang (City University of Hong Kong): Cross-Border Migration, Place of Education, and Outcomes in the Hong Kong Labor Market


10:20-10:40 Tea Break


10:40-12:00am Research Method

Chair and Discussant: Fuping Cheng (Xiamen Univ.), An’ning Hu (Fudan Univ.), Yi Zhou (Peking Univ.)

1. Tianji Cai (University of Macau): Counting stars? The Effect of Cluster Size and Aggregated Level Two Variables in Multilevel Models

2. Hao Dong (Peking Univ.): The endogenous shaping of family trees: An empirical Reflection on Multigenerational Research Methodology

3. Cheng Cheng (Peking Univ.): Multigenerational Effects of Education on Women’s Household Decision-Making Power in Rural China


12:00     Lunch