Princeton Research Network on Contemporary China (PRCC) Working Paper Series

By Author:

Cai, Tianji

Dong, Hao

Fan, Xiaoguang

He, Guangye

Hu, Anning

Hu, Yang

Li, Angran

Li, Wangyang

Li, Zhonglu

Liu, Ran

Luo, Weixiang

Qian, Yue

Wen, Fangqi

Wu, Xiaogang

Xin, Yanyu

Xu, Duoduo

Yu Xie

Yu, Jia

Zang, Emma

Zhang, Chunni

By Year:




PRCC 2018-1Luo, Weixiang and Yu Xie. 2018.  "Variation in the Education Gradient of Body Weight in Contemporary China."

PRCC 2018-2Liu, Ran. 2018. "Gender-Math Stereotype, Biased Self-assessment, and Aspiration in STEM Careers: The Gender Gap Among Early Adolescents in China."

PRCC 2018-3: Hu, Anning and Wu, Xiaogang. 2018. "Parental Education and College Students’ Attitudes toward Love: Survey Evidence from China."

PRCC 2018-4: Cai, Tianji and Xin, Yanyu. 2018. "Paying Money for Freedom: Effects of Monetary Compensation on Sentencing for Criminal Traffic Accident Offenses in China."

PRCC 2018-5: Xu, Duoduo and Wu, Xiaogang. 2018. "From Political Power to Personal Wealth: Privatization, Elite Opportunity, and Social Stratification in Post-Reform China."
PRCC 2018-6: Qian, Yue and Hu Yang. 2018. "Educational and age assortative mating in China: The importance of marriage order."
PRCC 2018-7: Zhang, Chunni. 2018. "Are children from divorced single-parent families more disadvantaged? New evidence from the China Family Panel Studies."
PRCC 2018-8: Li, Angran. 2018. "Unfulfilled Promise of Educational Meritocracy? Academic Ability and China’s Urban-Rural Gap in Access to Higher Education."
PRCC 2018-9: Zang, Emma. 2018. "Property Right Talks: The 2011 Chinese Divorce Reform and Its Gendered Consequences."
PRCC 2018-10: Wu, Xiaogang2018. "Inequality and Social Stratification in Post-socialist China."
PRCC 2018-11: He, Guangye and Wu, Xiaogang2018. "Family Status and Women’s Career Mobility in Post-reform Urban China."
PRCC 2018-12: Wen, Fangqi2018. "Assortative Mating on Only-Child Status and Economic Inequality in Contemporary China."
PRCC 2019-13:  Li, Zhonglu and Wu, Xiaogang2019. "Does Education Foster Beliefs in Meritocracy? Evidence from China."
PRCC 2019-14: Dong, Hao and Fan, Xiaoguang. 2019. "What Enables the "Meritocratic Power" of A College Degree? Evidence from Changing Higher Education and Employment Access in Post-Revolution China."
PRCC 2019-15: Li, Wangyang and Xie, Yu. 2019. "The Influence of Family Background on Educational Expectations: A Comparative Study."
PRCC 2020-1: Yu, Jia and Yu, Xie. 2020. "Is There a Chinese Model of the Second Demographic Transition."